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Michael Mercury
Michael Mercury is a noted astrologer and yoga instructor living in Northern California. For seven years, he hosted the popular weekly radio program, "The Center of the Universe" on KDVS 90.3FM, in which he analyzed astrological charts for callers live on air. Mercury is available for personal consultations by phone or email. Click the links to the left or read below for more information.

NEW: ASTRO YIN YOGA Sundays 12-1:15pm. Click for PDF flier.

Use the following guide to find the yoga poses best suited to your sign:

ARIES - (INTENT AFFIRMATION: I now pull in initiative, Leadership, willpower, innovation, new ideas, and independence.) - THE WARRIOR SERIES - Postures - The Mountain, Warrior one, Warrior Two, Fierce Warrior, Warrior Two reversed, Kneeling Warrior, Warrior Three

LEO - (INTENT AFFIRMATION: I now pull in creative expression, confidence, courage, strength, and nobility.) - THE SUN SALUTATION - Prayer Position, Standing Back Arch, Standing Forward Bend, Bent-Knee Lunge, Plane Position, Extended-Arm Child's Pose, The Cobra, Extended-leg Lunge, Standing Forward Bend

SAGITTARIUS - (INTENT AFFIRMATION: I now pull in expansion, spiritual and creative growth, wisdom, and the big picture.) - SIDE PRAYER/TRIANGLE SERIES - Standing Side Prayer, Standing Side Stretch, Extended Side Prayer, Triangle Position One, Triangle Position Two, Revolving Triangle, Reversed Side Prayer, Extended Side Angle Posture, Reversed Side Prayer with Extended Leg, Reversed Side Angle Position

TAURUS - (INTENT AFFIRMATION: I now pull serenity and stability into my life, I am grounded.) - THE COBRA/DOWNWARD FACING DOG SERIES - Dog/Cat Tilt, The Sphinx, The Cobra, Downward-Facing Dog, Upward-Facing Dog, Upward Boat, The Bow Posture, Headstand

VIRGO - (Intent Affirmation: I now bring order and critical thinking into my life.) - THE FORWARD BEND SERIES - Forward Bend, Foot-to-Bend, Forward-Hip Bend, Knee-Raised Bend, Spread-Legged Forward, Side Bend, Extended-Leg Back Arch, Rock-the-Baby, Foot-Head Pose Position One, Foot-Head Pose Position Two

CAPRICORN - (Intent Affirmation: I now pull ambition and self-discipline into my life.) ʔHE PIGEON/SPINAL TWIST SERIES - Child's Pose, Upright Pigeon, Extended Pigeon, Bent-Knee Forward Bend, Spinal Twist Position One, Spinal Twist Position Two, Spinal Twist Position Three, Hero Position, Pigeon Variation's, Balancing Pigeon

GEMINI - (Intent Affirmation: I now pull in versatility, mental quickness, and clarity of perception.) - FOREHEAD TO KNEE SERIES - Corpse Position, Water Wheel, Knee Down Twist, Thigh to Chest, Reclining Half Lotus, Heel to Hip Stretch, Forehead to Knee Position One, Forehead to Knee Position Two, Bicycle Crunches,

LIBRA - (Intent Affirmation: I draw harmony, balance, and artistic sensibility into my life.) THE BALANCE SERIES - Tree Posture, Tree Posture Two, Standing Knee to Chest, Bowing to Leg, Standing Extended Leg, The Eagle, The Raindancer, The Airplane, The Crow, Extended-Leg Squat, Squatting Tree,

AQUARIUS - (Intent Affirmation: I now draw in originality and independence) THE SHOULDER STAND/BRIDGE SERIES - Extended L- Posture, Shoulder Stand, The Plow, Pelvic Tilt, The Bridge, Raised Leg Plow, The Wheel

CANCER - (Intent Affirmation: I now pull in the energy of Cancer--compassion, nurturing, and tenderness.) THE MOON SALUTATION - Half Moon, The Goddess, The Star, Extended-Leg Squat, Forearm Lunge, Sideways Leg Stretch, Extended Leg Stretch

SCORPIO - (Intent Affirmation: I'm now drawing in power, piercing perception, and psychic ability into my life.) - THE CAMEL/ABDOMINAL STRETCH SERIES - Seated Kneeling Pose, Seated Kneeling Stretch, Chin Lock, Kneeling Abdominal Stretch, The Dolphin, The Scorpion, The Firm Pose, Extended Leg Firm Pose, Heel-to-Hip Forward Bend

PISCES - (Intent Affirmation: I now draw compassion, sensitivity, and inspiration into my life.) - UPWARD BOAT/INCLINE PLANE SERIES - Upward Boat, Incline Plane, Side Incline, Butterfly-Cobbler Pose, Extended Upward Boat, The Fish)

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